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Hi, my name is Chiara

Just More Taste is my way of sharing my love for food, my life in and out of the kitchen and all that I have learned along the way, and all that I will learn in the future.
I am looking forward to creating new friendships. It is such a wonderful time we live in, to be able to connect with people all around the world.


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spaghetti squid

Spring Spaghetti

Spring Spaghetti, only little squids, and cherry tomatoes. Quick and easy, healthy, light, The Italian tradition at its best!

spring frittata

Spring Asparagus Frittata

Spring Asparagus Frittata, with leek and sweet potato. Healthy and easy to prepare. Pure Italian vibe on your table!

Panzanella close up

Quinoa Panzanella

Quinoa Panzanella, with tomato, cucumber, beetroot, cashew nuts. Alternative gluten-free version of the famous classic Tuscan bowl.